Drumming Away

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blur, life has been extremely busy. Two weeks ago, I went up to Kincardine for a vacation with my family and last week I was in North Bay with Mike. To top it all off, my passport has been expired for quite some time now. Thankfully, it came in last week and the parts that I have been patiently waiting for have arrived safely at home. Time to get to work.

Headaches – This Should be Done by Now

I started with my differential, trying to finish the stupid thing off so I can clean up my work space a little bit. I installed the new carrier bearings on the differential itself and reassembled only to find that there is an extremely small amount of play on my pinion. I’m guessing it’s just a bearing that’s not seated properly. I’ve since torn it all apart again, I will get back to it when I feel like looking at it again.

Assembly Begins – Greasy Where Required

That brings us to tonight. Instead of hammering away at differential bearings, I decided to hammer away at rear end bearings. With my pretty parts from my last couple of posts, I was finally able to reassemble another corner of the car. This includes new wheel bearings and new drum brakes for the car. Everything looks gorgeous, and I’m extremely happy with the way it all turned out. I greased up any moving components to ensure low wear rates and that my sweet paint job doesn’t get trashed the first time hit the brakes.

Shiny – New Wheel Cylinder

I am using the old drive shafts for assembly right now. They will allow the rear end to stay together until I get the fancy CV converted ones. I’ll likely finish the differential this week and start really assembling the rear end. I’ve found a really really cheap set of used R888 tires that I am going to use to get the car on the road. Saves me $1000 that I can now use to pick up the drive shafts. Hopefully I can snag them before they’re all gone but we will see what life gives me there.

Assembly Complete – New Drum Brakes


I’m excited to be working on it again. Maybe if I’m lucky enough the frame will be rolling on the ground in a couple of weeks… I can dream.


Assembly Complete – Backside View

Thanks for anyone that has been keeping up with this project, it’s more alive than ever! Blog views are up drastically, having most of my audience come out of the United States. However, there has been viewers from all over the world so thank you for the support!

Attention to Detail – Painted E-Brake Arm

I should be updating this again in a couple of days hopefully!

Shooting – Life has Been Fun

– Sean

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