I’ve always had a divine interest in learning how things tick. With a background in mechanical engineering and a large interest in anything on wheels, I spend most of my spare time building my Miata swapped Triumph GT6+ restomod project. Whether it be cars, bikes, paintball markers or anything else mechanical, there is a strong sense of accomplishment in dedicating the time to fully understand the form and function of a subject.

These subjects of interest however, expand further than just mechanical assemblies. Given the same process of learning, understanding and ultimately appreciating, human beings and social interaction is equally as fascinating.

Speaking with the context of current, modern society, I have spent a lot of time exploring the topics of “why do we do what we do?”, “what drives you?” and “what motivates you?”. In the automotive world, a recurring trend is competition. While competition is healthy and can be used as a positive motivational tool, often what appears to be the cog driving this competition is being the best to simply show that you’re better than your fellow man or woman. This could be chasing power numbers so you can brag to your friends about how much horsepower your car makes over your favourite pint of beer, bro, or getting into physical altercations over your unofficial lap time during a non-competitive lapping day.

My point? It’s not the power numbers or lap times, as these are truly something to be proud of but rather the need to measure yourself against other individuals or feed an ego instead of being happy or content about your own achievements. If everyone else on this planet suddenly vanished, would you be happy about what you have accomplished if you couldn’t brag about it? Are you doing what you’re doing for yourself or for a pat on the back from the someone else? What are you truly chasing?

A takeaway from my argument is that I believe there is a lack of substance in today’s world. Having character or a unique personality often appears to be both shunned and underappreciated by the greater population as people would rather be cookie cutters of their favourite influener than chase any form of depth or individuality.

I feel as if there is large value in separating yourself from these influencers and devoting your newly found time to discover what really moves you, what makes you feel something and what inspires you. Focusing on these important questions promotes growth and self discovery, which in turn leads towards a life of living with passion. I choose to live my life in this fashion and this, of course, is just my perspective, thoughts and opinions.

My name is Sean Carvalho and I thank you for viewing my story.