My name is Sean Carvalho. I’ve always had a divine interest in learning how things tick. With a background in mechanical engineering and a large interest in anything on wheels, I spend most of my spare time building my Miata swapped Triumph GT6+ restomod project. Whether it be cars, bikes, paintball markers or anything else mechanical, there is a strong sense of accomplishment in dedicating the time to fully understand the form and function of a subject.

This space has been dedicated to sharing the trials and tribulations of building assorted project vehicles, photographing and documenting the builds, and enjoying the hobby with both family and friends. I use this space as my creative outlet to share what I have enjoyed with building cars, taking photos, exploring different cultures and expanding my perspective on other lifestyles.

While not exclusive, this space will be mainly populated with automotive content. However, expect to see motorcycles, lifestyle branding, coffee, beer, firearm culture and personal stories.