Life Continues

It has been a weird couple of weeks.
Office – My Desk is Cooler Than Yours
Life has been just as busy as usual in more ways than one and unfortunately that has caused some neglect on the GT6 project. All of my parts that I need with the exception of the rear drive shafts are waiting for me at the border. I just recently sent in my expired passport for renewal so I can hopefully have those in my hands in a couple of weeks. Lack of Triumph money has been the bottleneck as well.


Wheels – Brakes Hiding Underneath
In saying that though, I have still been accomplishing any work that I can in the mean time. I was able to fix up one of my calipers and mount it to the frame. It looks phenomenal behind the rim. I can’t wait to put it on the ground. I’m hoping to have tires and drive shafts ordered in a month or two so I can finally set this thing on the ground.


Brakes – Caliper Inspected and Restored
I have come up with several ideas for the exhaust system, motor upgrades and carburetor set-ups. I doubt I will do any of that before I start driving the car – upgrades will come later.


TR-4 – Sighting on my way to Montreal
Since there hasn’t been too much progress since my last update, I’ll leave some pictures of my travels up here just to get some more content posted. Progress is coming, patience is needed.


Lines – More Brake Lines Bent


Passenger Corner – Complete


GT6 Cake – Best Cake Ever


Late Night Hangouts – Mandatory Tim Hortons
Happy 23rd Birthday to myself!
– Sean


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  1. Taynus says:

    Love the GT6 cake. Did your lady make that for you? Keep up the good work, you are obviously spending more time on yours than I am on mine. It comes in spurts. Right now I'm having trouble finding the time. Last time I left off, I had installed Rover wheel studs for that added beef. Got the front suspension built up, but hit a snag on the differential bushings not fitting on the frame. Have had quite a few bushing fitment issues. I'll post some pics soonMTBer from TriumpExp


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