Rebuilding and Upgrading

I have poured a ton of hours into this car over the past couple of days. I put out another order to SpitBits for parts and patiently waiting for their arrival. My friend Brent lives in Niagara Falls so he was able (and willing) to go into the States and pick up my parts from CBI. I drove up to meet him with my brother, we had ice cream and we came back with an empty pocket worth of parts for the Triumph. I still smile when I see the picture and look at the progress I have made. It’s coming back together.

Delivery Day – Brent’s House


Shiny and New – SpitBits Order

I opted out of the OEM shocks and decided to replace them with GAZ adjustable dampers at all four corners. The fronts are ride height adjustable, and all four have adjustable damper/rebound. Zinc plated to resist corrosion and for looking pretty.

Sport – Gaz Adjustable Dampers


Gaz – Rebound / Damper / Ride Height Adjustable
I also replaced my front springs from OEM to 1″ lower, 330lb/in springs. They’ll do much better for what I would like the car to be. I also had a 3/4″ spacer made for the differential to bring the leaf spring up which will give me some negative camber and lower the car to accommodate for the front springs. It’s another gorgeous piece that I had personalized.
Personal Touch – Hand Built by Me
I have purchased a ton of hardware so the car can be rebuilt with all new bolts and nuts, it looks incredible once it all comes together. I will have to put another order into SpitBits for a couple of parts that I miscalculated but it is coming together really smoothly.
Say No to Rubber – Polyurethane Sway Bar End Link Bushings
I am currently working on rebuilding my differential and what a nightmare it has been. The bearings are pretty much seized into place, only getting them off of the shafts with extreme heat and pressure. My pinion wouldn’t come out so it needed to go onto a hydraulic press to pop it out. I finished replacing the seals and the pinion bearings today however it appears that my differential came out of an Mk3 GT6 so the carrier bearings that I ordered don’t fit. It’s a headache.
Pure Grease – Mk3 Differential
Bearing Heater – Works Like a Dream
Once the differential is done, it will be mounted with the polyurethane bushings and bolted back to the car so I can start working on the rear end again. I’m chucking my rotoflex driveshafts out a window but I can still move ahead with replacing my brake shoes and repainting everything. Lots of work, lots of time, little money left.
Excitement Day – Assembly Begins
I should have the rear end all reassembled and have the car back on the ground with some serious tires within the month. It’s an exciting stage for the car, I’m actually pretty impressed with myself that I have been able to do a half-quality job on this restoration so far.
Shine – Panasport Replica Wheels
Fitted – Gaz Dampers


Arms for Controlling Things – Fitted
Discs for Stopping Things – Fitted
For anyone that is following this blog, I just want to extend a thank you for being interested in this project. Although it doesn’t sound like it, I’m having a ton of fun building this car – whenever my pockets aren’t empty.
Racked – Quick Rack (2.5 Turns to Lock)


Overview – How it Sits to Date
Wheels Fitted – Looking Fantastic


Lowered – 1″ Shorter Springs and Ride Height Set
Damped – Rebound / Damper Set
Right View – More Replica Beauty
Front View – Before Attaching the Tie Rod


Left View – Jacks Re-positioned for Weight Distribution
Overview – Front End Back Together
Overview – Cleaned and Presentable
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– Sean

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