After receiving half of the parts that I had ordered for the Triumph; the rest still being at the border, I was able to continue my progress with the car. My focus right now is on three things: the vehicles front end, rear end and the differential. I now have all of my bearings and seals for a differential rebuild which I started yesterday but admittedly didn’t get too far into. That will likely be this weeks project. I have been a little tied up with sandblasting a slew of old parts for my friends uncles Porsche so that he can take them in for powder coating so as soon as that is done I can focus a bit more on the GT6.

EDIT: Just finished installing these beauties, greased and pressed – went in like a dream
Poly – Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings Fitted
After months of waiting, my vintage plates finally came it and they’re fully registered to my GT6, I can’t wait to fit them!

Months Later – 1970 Vintage Plates, Fully Registered
The A-arms on this car were a nightmare to get apart, namely one bracket that attaches the lower control arm to the frame on both sides. The sleeve within the bushing was completely seized to the bolt and after an hour and a half of trying to push it out with a vice, I caved in and grabbed the angle grinder to cut through the bolts. Thankfully, I didn’t nick a single part of the brackets or control arms. Since the control arms have been sitting for so long completely bare, I tossed them back into the sandblaster to remove the tiniest bit of surface spotting they had on them. They came out beautiful.
Reblasted – Front Control Arms and Mounts
Polyurethane bushings made me indescribably excited, I knew that was going to be my next project. I mixed up another batch of the SPI epoxy primer that was used on the frame and aired up my spray gun. After an hour of enclosure in the basement, they were fully coated and ready to dry. Three days later (today) I took them off of their hangers and laid them out for inspection. I was a little thin on some parts of the control arms so I might touch them up, however the results were beautiful.
Handling Upgrade – Polyurethane Bushings
I just finished greasing and test fitting one of the polyurethane bushings on one of the upper control arms and it fit like a glove. I’m going to try as hard as I can to get this car done this year. With the exception of money, I know that I would be physically able to fit everything together in the time frame.
Primed and Dry – A-arms and Mounts
I plan on going back to the shop this week after buying some new hardware and fitting the front end back together. I’m also looking at seats, and redoing my interior. I decided against restoring my factory seats as they’re in rough shape and I found something a little more sporty that fits with the age of the car. OMP Brands Hatch seats is what I am looking at right now, and they’re a fantastic price for what you’re getting. I will likely be pairing these seats with racing harnesses to make the car a little more aggressive.
Shiny – Upper Control Arms
Toyo R888 tires should be on order soon, as well as some Panasport knock off wheels. The list keeps getting bigger, but so does my smile while I think about all of this. Let’s hope for a favorable tax return and an awesome 2015.
OMP Brands Hatch – Hopefully Ordering Next Week
– Sean

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