Interior Update

Happy New Years! I hope for the best for everyone in 2016! Goals are large this year, including having this car on the road by the end of the summer (hopefully!). Obviously financial limitations are preventing me from continuing at a rapid pace, however that’s not stopping me from moving forward.

I haven’t been able to do a ton lately as the holiday season has been unbelievably busy. With my extra bit of Christmas cash, I was able to throw some more money into the OMP Brands Hatch seats I’m buying off of Joe. I have very little owing on them now. The frame has been notched where necessary and I have designed motor mounts on SolidWorks – these will be 3D printed in the near future to test fit the mounts on the motor/frame.

Recently however, my focus has been on the interior of the car. I figure that with the time and supplies I have now, I don’t have to spend any more money to continue the restoration. Just lots and lots of time. I’ve spent 5 hours with a wire wheel on the floor pans to get the metal in the shape I want it in before paint. I will be doing the entire interior panels of the car in expoy primer again, as it dries to a high gloss black. This should look fantastic with the rest of the interior and it will be extremely tough.


I’ve also invested some time into designing a template for a main hoop of a roll bar I plan on putting in the car. I used ABS tubing and bent a template that fits the car near perfectly. Took me under an hour and it looks half decent. Obviously the material diameter is small, but I now know the extents of what I need to work within. Progress has been fantastic.
I will be working to clean all of the metal inside the car as there is still a lot of filth from the car sitting for 38 years. After that, a degreaser will be applied to the bare metal, and expoy primer to follow. This is getting exciting!
I was also able to test fit the OMP seats in the car. I measured out the factory GT6 and OMP seat mount locations and I can make up brackets relatively easy. The best part about these seats is that I do not think there will need to be any massaging of the transmission tunnel or cutting of any panels to get these to fit. They simply need to be raised up a couple of inches and it looks like they will clear everything perfectly. I absolutely cannot wait to get these seats in, pair with sets of Schroth Racing harnesses attached to the roll bar. The setup will not only look phenomenal but also provide me with a high degree of safety over the alternative tin can paneling.


Stay tuned, lots to come!
– Sean

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