I really thought this part was going to be harder.

Taking the angle grinder to the car, cutting the frame.

The body.

But really, I see it and smile.

Progress continues.

Huge huge huge thank you to both John and Mike for helping me out with all of this recently, there is absolutely no way I could have done any of this without you guys. I owe you lots of beer. Felix too, he’s cute.

All solid coloured sections are parts that need to be notched. I have a bunch of photos for people that want to do this swap in what I believe is the correct way. Push the motor more inboard, huge amount of clearance for the steering rack, much lower center of gravity, much better weight distribution and a proper delta angle from the output shaft of the transmission and the flange of the differential. I’m sitting near parallel currently.

Just a quick update for now, more to follow.

Thank you to anyone reading this blog as well. As of this point, I’m at well over 4000 page views. It’s great to see such an interest in this project and it encourages me to continue pounding it out! Share the blog around to your friends if you think they would be interested! 🙂

I also want to again extend a huge thank you to Steve for all of the information you have provided me on the swap. You have been nothing buy a huge help and again, I would have really struggled with it and had to learn a lot more before digging into this if it wasn’t for you. Thank you!














































– Sean

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  1. Steve Wten says:

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  2. Steve Wten says:

    Hey Sean, awesome work, you and the guys should be very proud.Looks very familiar, glad that you are confident enough in the stuff we did to mine to use it.Before you cut that frame rail for the clutch slave, have you considered what I suggested about redoing the clutch slave and lever in the bell housing? As mentioned the Miata clutch is very light and I think with some work you may be able to cut at least ½ inch, maybe even more, off of it which will at very least reduce the amount you’ll need to take out of the frame.Wish I could’ve said the same about it being easy to cut that frame…. without seeing a working version I was really struggling with each cut.I’ll get you some more engineering details before Christmas.Keep up the great work.SteveEdit: my brother and I worked on mine together and many of the ideas evolved from both of us – hence the change to “we did”.


  3. Steve Wten says:

    I continue to reflect on options for that clutch slave.I've seen these internally mounted Hydraulic Release Bearings before. Wonder if something like that could work? Heck, you may not even have to cut that part of the frame.


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