Front End Removal

Although my goal was to finish taking the rest of the components off of the frame last week, I ran into an issue with the tie rod. Unfortunately, the drivers side tie rod was completed seized so it took two days of hammering, penetrating oil and a torch to get it free. I have to thank my dad for breaking it free after two days of my failing. We looked at the accomplishment outside of the garage, the grease in the tire rod on fire – smoking up the garage.

 Front End – Before Stripping

Once the smoke cleared, I tore apart the rest of the front end. I tried to leave everything as one large assembly so that I wouldn’t have any organizational issue in the future. The lower and upper control arms, as well as the upright and the hub are all still connected to one another. I needed to remove the brake caliper, as well as the frame posts and shocks.

Stripped Frame – Just Bolts Left Now
Front Coilover – Koni Shock

I finished removing the last couple of lines, the sway bar, the steering rack and any shims (organized accordingly) and just like that, the frame was stripped. I plan on working on the car a ton this next month, so lots of progress should be rolling in.

Stripped Frame – Overview

– Sean

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