Engine and Transmission Removal

Here comes the fun part; taking out the “cool” car parts off of the frame. This was actually a really simple task with everything removed so I won’t focus too much on details with this blog post. The previous owner of the car installed an MKI engine and transmission as previously noted in an earlier blog post(s). However, they did a terrible job fixing the transmission to the frame, as the plate that the mount rests on wasn’t even bolted to the frame, nor was the mount. With that in mind, all that needed to be done was to remove the bolts off of the transmission bell housing and to lift the motor up a little bit so I could slide the transmission off of the three studs that were threaded into the block.

Transmission Out – Weighs Less Than the Differential

With that out of the way, it left only the engine. Unfortunately, things got a little messy here. The motor is held to the frame via four bolts – two on each side of the block. Removing these and taking the engine out was a simple process however there was no where to put this engine for the time being. I rolled the frame outside into the drive way so it gave us a little more room to work with to juggle around the now two free engines.

Engine Removal – Aligning the Hoist
Engine Removal – Just Before Making the Mess

We have an extra skid in our basement so we balanced the engine on top of the skid with 2×4’s underneath to keep the balance. Having to work within the hour, I had to leave the working space a complete disaster which I absolutely hate doing. I ended up going out the next day and just cleaning / organizing the garage for two hours to try and gain a little bit more working space.

Outside – Left


Outside – Center


Outside – Right

Next up; removing the front end components.

Mess – Coolant Everywhere


Mess – Tomorrows Problem

– Sean

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