Motor Fun

The weather was the nicest it has been all year today, so I had to take advantage of today in its entirety. I was able to go for a long drive today to pick up a gift for my mothers birthday tomorrow, as well as pick up a couple of things for the cars at home. It was definitely a windows down, music up day. Obviously, today wasn’t going to be spent without lots of time invested into the GT6.

Sucking In – Intake Manifold and Carburetors

Not really knowing where to continue with the car as my funds are currently depleted, I decided to strip the MKI engine that is currently installed on the frame and transfer all of the parts over to the proper MKII / GT6+ engine that came with the car. The exhaust hanging off the back of the frame was the first to go, as I kept running into it. I continued back past the Y-Pipe and up to the headers which surprisingly aren’t held on by much. The headers are pressure fit to the block, where six cast iron pieces quite literally push themselves against the face of the headers, with a bolt attaching above the pieces. The intake manifold and the carbs were next to go, as they needed to be detached so the headers could come off.

Shiny Bits – Aftermarket Radiator

After raining dirt and debris from the frame onto the ground, the rad was the next piece I wanted to take off so I could get rid of the surprisingly skunky coolant that is in the block. After popping off all of the rad hoses, the mystery coolant poured itself all over the garage and onto the driveway. I have never seen coolant look this disgusting – the entire block and rad will need a complete flush. Moving on, I did happen to find some brand new parts from the previous owner, including a fresh water pump and a fresh fuel pump.

Stripped Bare – MKI Long Block Ready for a New Owner

I also swapped the valve covers from engine to engine, as the one installed on the engine I will be fitting to my GT6 is slightly bent.

MKI Head – Nylock Nuts Suggest a Possible Rebuilt Motor

The engine and transmission – both being out of a first generation, are up for sale. I am looking for either $700 (Or Best Offer) for both, or I will do a direct trade for a MKII GT6 Overdrive transmission.

For Sale – MKI Engine and Transmission

– Sean

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