GT6 Dashboard

Earlier on in the year when I was stripping the body of the GT6, the dashboard came out. Originally, I had plans to purchase a new dashboard that was pre-made with a walnut burl. However, when the guys came over to help me lift the body off of the car, John (being an excellent wood worker) suggested that he could remake my current one with new materials.

Newly Created – All Holes Drilled For Thru-Holes and Radii
Seeing this as a great opportunity, I gave him the dash pieces as well as one of everything that fits into the dash itself; a gauge, air vent, switch, etc. I was also missing the left hand side dash piece where the main gauges fit into, as well as the steering rack. I took some reference measurements off of the right hand side dash (inverse angle from 90 deg, and same side length) and hopped onto SolidWorks to make a drawing.
Solid Model – Dashboard Modelling in SolidWorks, Incorrect Finish
Accuracy isn’t super critical here, as long as through holes are cut to the correct diameter, position can be slightly off of the original and still achieve the same fit and finish. Even still, I tried to get everything as close as possible to the original with reference photos in place underneath each sketch I made during the modelling process. With a drawing complete, I sent it off to John as a reference and he went from there.
Rough Drawing – Backside Left Blank Intentionally
The dash is still a work in progress, however it has already started out great. I cannot wait to see the final result after the burl has been applied and the final clear coat is finished. I will have decals cut for the lettering that came originally on the dashboard. Once the dash is finished, I will assemble everything for a test fit and wrap it up until it is ready for the car.
– Sean

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