Loose Screws

It always seemed like a pipe dream, something that was frequently discussed around the family dinner table but never within realistic reach. Fantasies of wild projects, weekend barbecues, late caffeine infused nights, 5S and family bonding echoed through my parents kitchen over coffee and dessert. More recently however, an opportunity presented itself which allowed this pipe dream to turn into a reality. I formally introduce you to our new shop space, shared with my family and an old friend of mine from the early years of life, we welcome you to Loose Screws.

It’s not completely set up yet, there is still a ton of work to do but we are already on track to turning this space into something excellent. The beautiful artwork is courtesy of my brother Adam (@crtwrks for Instagram users), his masterpieces have given our newly acquired space the splash of personality and passion needed to provide us with constant inspiration during both working and idle hours. Between my dad, Adam and Trevor, we have already poured a ton of hours into making this shop space our new home. A huge kudos needs to be extended towards my mom whom was responsible for a massive part of the office renovation, the shop wouldn’t be what it is now without her! Excitement is an understatement.

To compliment the artwork, Loose Screws has already been filled with multiple examples of automotive excellence. Trevor has brought his soon to be all-wheel drive Volvo C30, Adam has his Fiat 500 Abarth with a new project on the way and my GT6 sits flat-tired in the corner. Still on its way is my CB360T, the office is a little empty at the moment and could use a trinket to occupy some floor space. Keep an eye on this blog, these vehicles will undoubtedly be transforming into beasts of their own over the next few months.

Other than nearly wrecking the driver side rear quarter of the GT6 during a trailer loading mishap, not much has changed with the build. With that being said, new Miata clutch master and slave cylinders just arrived… Maybe it’s time to dust the car off once again and get this baby moving under its own power.

We are loose screws.

– Sean

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