The Power of the Miata

There’s something special about a medium which has the power to unite a vast diversity of individuals together; young and old, male and female, any and every ethnic background. Even more special is when the same medium brings these people together in a positive and ecstatic environment, sharing nothing but smiles, stories and ultimately, the same grassroots passion as one another.

I don’t frequently attend local car meets anymore, as all too often I feel that the surrounding communities are filled with negativity and judgement. Everyone’s everything is regarded as garbage and the parking lots are filled with pollution from unnecessary attention seeking (attempted) burnouts, the resultant smell of burning clutches and clouds of vape smoke. However, in 1989 Mazda brilliantly designed a special car which has effectively combated this toxic environment. A solution which, whenever I am exposed to it, always reminds me how awesome and positive car meets can be. As the famous saying goes, Miata is always the answer.

Sunday was the Spring Open House BBQ at Dave’s Garage, a Miata specialty shop located in Burlington, Ontario. Dave Biagioni has been kind enough to open his doors to the general public for a meeting of the Miata’s, great company and tasty food. Unsurprisingly, yesterdays turn out was once again fantastic, the parking lot being filled to the brim with all generations of brightly coloured Roadsters, Hard Dog roll bars and sticky tires.

Once (if) the Triumph is able to move under its own power, Dave’s Garage is one of the first destinations I’d love to drive it to. Shared power-plant aside, I personally believe this would be one of the best communities to share the GT6 with as the same passion that runs through the veins of these Roadster’s pilots flows through mine.

My favourite vehicle of the day was without question the British Racing Green NA pictured above which has been very tastefully modified by its owner. The combination of TE37V’s, understated interior, matching polished engine bay and sensible lip kit makes this particular example a timeless classic in my books.

I would like to extend a thank you once again to Dave for hosting such a great open house! Not once during the day did I see anyone without a smile on their face, food in their hands or enthusiastic story-telling hands flailing about. These meets never fail to keep the spirit alive and the inspiration flowing, which is what I have now come to expect from such a great community of car guys and gals.


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