Street Car Logic

As I grow older (yes, I realize I’m still young), the more I learn how valuable of a resource time is. No matter how many hours a day I choose to caffeinate myself for, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything on my to do list.


Eliminating distractions helps, but downtime is equally as important as the time allocated towards accomplishing goals. Burning out seems to be an ever growing reality the more I choose to push projects along. This is equally as frustrating as it is a healthy reminder to slow down, relax and catch your breath.



Money, another important resource, makes shiny things attainable. Believe me when I say that I like shiny things as much as the next person, however dedicating a lifetime to chasing the all mighty dollar is something that I have never desired.



Spending time however, that’s a lifestyle I can get behind.


During my downtime of not physically being at the shop working on the Triumph, countless hours are spent researching not only the technical aspects of the build but also the aspects which propel the passion and driver experience of the car.


What exactly does this mean? Let me try to explain.


In my personal opinion, there is substantially more that makes a vehicle than the power it makes on a dyno. The drivers seat should connect the pilot to the road, providing direct feedback to the extents of available tire grip with every rotation of the steering wheel.


It should reward the driver’s every sense; the look and feel of the finishing materials, the response from the engine when the accelerator is pressed, the sound from the exhaust as the throttle cracks open and of course the visual appeal of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.


Everything is important.


Taking the time to chase this experience has proved rewarding, it has allowed me to source two magnificent sets of hardware for the Triumph. The first of which is a headlight upgrade provided by Dapper Lighting. Wanting a projector lens which is contained within a factory appearing housing, Dapper is able to provide an extremely clean and innovative solution for classic cars that dramatically increases usable light output.


The second, as mentioned in my previous post, is my new set of instruments from ETB instruments in the UK. Never in my life have I received a product so beautifully designed, packed and finished. These gauges are like nothing else I have ever seen on the market and they fit the build perfectly.


I bench built the wiring harness and installed it in the GT6 over the weekend. Note, the connectors have been swapped for the insulated variety which are not pictured. With the exception of 1/8″ British Standard Pipe thread to 1/8″ National Pipe Thread brass adapters for the ETB oil pressure and water temperature senders, the installation is just about complete.


A common excuse to cut corners, accept shoddy workmanship, rush projects and drive a half completed, unsafe vehicle on the local streets is the all too commonly uttered catch phrase these days “because race car”.


I much prefer spending the time to do a good job and drive a vehicle which can pass a safety, all while looking the part in the process. Why?


Because street car.

Stay tuned.


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