Doors Off

Today was an exciting day at the shop! I was able to get a ton of work done today which included finishing off all of the floor pan wire wheeling, cleaning up the shop a little bit and removing both doors and the rear trunk lid.

Ready for Packing – Doors and Trunk Lid


Shiny Floors – Wire Wheeling Completed

My dad was also kind enough to pick up the material for my roll bar. Joe and Mitch will be bending it within the next couple of weeks hopefully but until then it can sit on the floor and look pretty. The material is per CASC material and weight regulations, measuring 1.5″ OD by .120″ wall thickness. I could have run a thinner wall, however for my own piece of mind I opted for the thicker material.

Roll Bar Material – Awaiting to be Bent
Tarped Up – Ready to be Transported

I ended up bringing the doors and trunk lid home with me today. My plan is to take a shot at the doing the body work myself on the doors, deciding thereafter whether or not I want to take on all of the body work myself. My dad wants to help out as well which will be a nice project for the two of us to work on.

Tunnel Vision – Still Needs a Wipe Down


Rear View – Cleaned Out

I still need to 3D-print the motor mounts for the Miata motor. Thinking about how much work there is to do still is almost overwhelming but if I tackle it all step by step it is definitely an attainable goal. I finally finished paying off the OMP seats as well which is very exciting as I can now start to work on any brackets I need to get them mounted in the car.

Progress – Back is Sore


Ready for Sanding – Interior in Progress

So much to do but progress has been constant. The worse part of all of this is done – cleaning those floors. They’re glistening now which puts a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to continue working on it… 2016 is looking like an attainable goal.

– Sean

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