Eunos What I’m Sayin’?

Restomodders rejoice! It’s here, delivered and leaky. Mike and I spent a bit of time a couple of weeks ago ripping the drive train out of his Eunos Roadster (MX-5 Miata) so we can both continue building our pieces of junk.

Overview – Miata Motor and Transmission

Not a whole lot to update everyone with. I somehow managed to free up my other hub assembly which was badly seized to the driveshaft spline. I’ve tried countless time and countless hours getting it apart with no luck. I ended up trying a puller again to get it apart.

Shiny Black – Marble Filled Motor

The difference this time was that I got frustrated and whipped the entire assembly on the ground. Somehow, that managed to free the assembly and after careful inspection I didn’t bend a single piece. I guess beating stuff helps sometimes.

Transmission – Notchy Excellence

I disassembled the entire hub assembly and will be sandblasting, cleaning and painting tomorrow. The motor and transmission will be fitted once I get the driveshafts and tires to the frame will no longer be on axle stands. Depending on what I decide on my financial decisions, that may be sooner than expected. Stay tuned!

Overview – Current Status

– Sean

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