The car was finally at my home, after so much work and determination, not to mention more money than I had originally bargained for. The night of the arrival I was already too tired to have a good and honest look at it, so I kicked a tire then went to bed. The next day however, I already started strong. The car was filled with a ton of parts as previously pictured. However, I did not expect what I would find after taking all of the parts out of the car. Mouse poo, rat poo, everywhere. Everywhere. There was a very distinct smell as soon as you opened the door and all you could see is droppings all over the car. Simply put, this was my first task – clean.

Safe at Home – It’s so Tiny!
It took me two full nights, about 9-10 hours collectively to vacuum, spray and scrub on my hands and knees to get the mess out of the car. There was what once was liquid turned to syrup stuck to the floor which I scraped off and threw away. This has been my absolute least favorite part about the restoration so far, it was just filthy. I sprayed primer on any exposed metal to ensure that this rust free car stays rust free. Once this task was complete, I decided that I would start working away at the interior of the car as it was far too cold in the garage to do anything more to the body.


After the Clean – Progress is Slow
– Sean


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