Getting to New York

After submitting my paperwork to the DMV, and having the title brought back into the California DMV in my name, I had to move the car from Jason’s house as he had already been more than patient with me. My plan was to move the car to New York where my family has a US shipping address at CBI. Dealing with transportation companies was a huge pain to say the least. It’s a cut-throat business that turns out to be a last second decision. No one wanted to take the car because it came with an additional motor.

Loaded Up – Pickup Day in Sacramento, California

Truck drivers only hold a licence to ship cars for businesses like these and they are not allowed to bring parts with them. Of course, most drivers still do anyways but it is up to my discretion as it will not be covered if there is any damage to the additional motor. Lots of frustration and terrible communication with these companies had me schedule a pickup for the next day at a much larger rate than I was expecting. Regardless, Jason and the driver formed an agreement to move the car to New York. The car was loaded up and ready for its new life in Canada.

Delivery Day – My First Sight of the GT6


The car was delivered promptly, only taking two days to arrive. We waited patiently for the car to arrive, hearing diesel busses and transport trucks pass by was a constant tease.
Delivery Day – Sunshine After a Rainy Day
The driver was late, but upon arrival I could care less because the GT6 was just footsteps away at this point. I met the driver, gave him his $2000 USD envelope of money and helped him unload the car. He was quite professional; knowing the history of the car, unloading the car with ease and counting his payment out of sight. The unfortunate fact about this day was that the car could not come onto Canadian soil yet, because I had still not received my title from the DMV.
Delivery Day – Interior, Parts
Delivery Day – Interior, Mess of Parts
Reluctantly, I had to leave the car in the CBI lockup and come back when I received what seemed like my golden ticket.


Delivery Day – Unloading the Engine


Delivery Day – MKII / GT6+ Engine


Delivery Day – Wrapped up For Now
– Sean

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  1. David Plass says:

    I've been looking into this too – all the transport companies want to charge an arm and a leg (almost as much as the car itself!)


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