Armrest Repair

After the gauges were complete, I selected my armrest as the next piece to get attention. I want the interior of the car to be a light tan, as I believe it would look gorgeous with a black exterior. I have viewed similar interiors and have loved the result. I drove over to Len’s Mills and picked up foam, vinyl, and piping for the seams. All together, it cost me a little over $50 for a 52″ x 4 yard sheet of tan vinyl, 4 yards of piping and a large 1″ x 30″ x 30″ piece of foam. I came home and stripped the armrest of the existing vinyl and took it apart to make a pattern for the new pieces. The metal structure underneath was sandblasted, primed and painted black. It will not be seen, but the paint looks flawless.

Armrest – Foam Positions Shown Before Removal
E-Brake Boot – First Attempt at Sewing

I have never sewn before, so my mom taught me the basics. I made myself an e-brake boot and the new cover for the armrest. I sprayed on some adhesive, padded the tops and the side of the armrest and then attached my cover.

Armrest Cover – Basting Complete, Awaiting Final Sewing
– Sean

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